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The surroundings


soehoejlands-vue.jpg Skanderborg is situated in the magnificent nature of the Danish Lakeland, where lakes, woods and fields are alternating in the beautiful, hilly contryside

Witin a radius of 30 km you'll find other nature offers of almost every kind, e.g. moors, inlets and see.


Skanderborg is a cosy and active provencial town, placed with a marvellous view over the beautiful Skanderborg lake.  

Skanderborg has a nice commercial street with fine retail shops, a lot of convinience stores and cosy cafees and restaurants.

Skanderborg is very central located with a good infrastructure towards all directions.

Aarhus.jpg Aarhus, 20 km north of Skanderborg, is the city of multiplicity. Here you'll find world class attractions as e.g. "The old town" museum and "Aros" art museum and small specimen museums as e.g. "The women museum".

Explore the trendy shops in the old Latin quarter or look at the numerous shops in the pedestrian streets.

Enjoy a beer or a coffee in the café area along the cosy creek, streaming through the center of the city, or choose a dinner in a nice danish or ethnic restaurant.

Horsens.jpg Horsens, 20 km south of Skanderborg, is a nice commercial town, with a cosy pedestrian precinct and a lot of good retailers in the small side streets

The town is know for its ability to create events within music and shows.The Aqua Forum offers a top modern centre for play, motion and well being.

Odder.jpg Odder, 18 km east of Skanderborg, is a small provincial town with a cosy commercial street.
 A lot of handicraft artist and galleries are situated here. Odder-glaskunst.jpg
silkeborg-havn.jpg Silkeborg, 35 km northwest of Skanderborg, has a cosy area by the habour with the oldest steamship in the world, the wellkept bog find "the Tollund man"
 The old steam train is still driving at a part of the former railway  track between Horsens and Silkeborg Bryrup-veteranbane.jpg
Boes.jpg The many small villages around Skanderborg, the churches in the town and the countryside and the newer architectural pearls gives all a good impression of Denmark now and then.
Legoland.jpg Within one hours drive from the camp site there are noumerous museums from the small specifies as e.g. the photo museum to the large international well known and e.g. Legoland, Summerparks, Waterlands, Animalparks and much more for both adults and children alike
Rainbow.jpg In the major towns around Skanderborg, you'll find the offer of art museums, galleries and handicrafts large and varied.

 If you like gardens, there are more than 20 open gardens in the environs.

Do you like to know more or see it with your own eyes, please use our contact- or reservationpages for further information or a booking.